One game changes everything

The eyes of billions

the visits of millions

all on the Southern lands of Africa.

Witness the power of sports

to unleash the human energy

into an explosion

of captivating emotion

an African boost for the world

an African Sun at last.

Here I share with you a beautiful poem and a must watch video.


One game changes everything

"It's a simple thing

just a ball and a goal

but once every four years

that simple thing

drastically changes the world

closes the schools

closes the shops

closes the city

stops a war.

A simple ball

fuels the passion and pride of the nations

 gives people everywhere something to hope for

gives countries respect where respect is in short supply

and achieves more than the politicians ever could.

Once every four years

a ball does the impossible.

If history means anything

then the world as we know it

 is about to change."

- Narrated by Bono, U2

Must watch

World Cup commercial of 2006 with the song intro of "City of blinding lights" in the background.

I love it when it shows those young ladies in black burqa playing and laughing.

 The video reminds me of my school days in Africa, filled by the joy of football,

 even a soda bottle cap was ball-enough to start a dribble match.

153 days to go 

for the world's most watched sporting event

the FIFA World Cup,

South Africa



the official mascot

a young energetic leopard

with green dreadlocks and a wide smile

invites you.

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