Titan HTSE watch in India

Titan HTSE      : High Tech Self Energized

Price           : Just Rs 6,495 to Rs 10,995
Availability    : All Titan and brand showrooms
Styles          : 10 designs
Website         : www.titanhtse.com
Punchline       : Runs on light
Special features: As follows

1. Powered by light.
2. Intelligent sleep mode to conserve energy.
3. The full charged battery runs for 4 months.
4. Quick charge to operation in 10-20 sec exposure.
5. Charged by any light source (> 200 lux). See lux.

Download mp3 of Titan htse ad here

Titan has come full throttle with its new HTSE, inspired from space technology with its anthracite distinction giving the watch a very stylish look. The watch is powered by taking in the transmitted light waves and converting the energy and storing them in a rechargeable battery. The HTSE collection, which has 10 models was launched by badminton champion Saina Nehwal in top 12 cities, it is priced between Rs 6,495 to Rs 10,995 and would be available in all  Titan showrooms, and selected leading brand outlets.

Nehwal said, "It is exciting that an Indian watch brand has indigenously developed a technology of world class standards. I completely associate with Titan''s philosophy of ''Be More'' and practice it in my own life. The HTSE collection connects with every individual who is self energised and self driven in life."

The new Titan HTSE collection of watches are self energeised and can be powered by any source of light. These watches are inspired by space craft, and the designs too are stylishly rugged yet modern. And the Aamir Khan ad for the watch has made the watch even more delectable. Yeah, I really want to have one for myself.

Here is the Titan Ad featuring Aamir Khan

The Titan people say that the music was composed specifically for the ad. Titan HTSE song simple lyrics:

 "If I go mad 
because I can't stop thinking about you 
If I go mad 
I must be mad about you 
I can't stop thinking about you
 thinking about you 
about you
HTSE from Titan 
Runs on Light." 

Brand ambassador Aamir Khan stars in this ad. In a way-out narrative, we see Khan pouring out liquid light from different light sources, a lamp shade bulb, a pool bulb, etc, and he leaves the viewers seeing him quite befuddled as to the intentions behind his actions. Finally, the suspense clears out, as it shows that the was taken in order to magically manufacture the Khan's new HTSE watch!

Titan HTSE 1540KL01: Shaded with Anthracite and Rose gold exterior.

Titan 1539NP01: Inspired by space technology 

Other watches by Titan 
Titan Purple

made famous by India's minute to win it.

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