Preparing for IAS: 5 Do's and Dont's

Preparing for IAS, IPS and IFS (Indian Civil Services)
1. Choose the good scoring safe subjects, the ones that get marks easily. For Example: Geography

2. Get the class and printed notes of Vajiram coaching at Delhi or any other winner-institute, look for the ones that are highly respected by the aspirants and not the just the advertised ones.

3. Get all the past question papers, answer keys, mock test papers and required guide books for each subject, you can even file an RTI to the UPSC asking for a specific subject e.g. Malayalam, French.

4. Get just two reliable books for each module of the syllabus for each of your mains opitional subjects, and underline the important.

5. Read and re-read, analyze, make diagrams and put it all down in your own words and re-examine. Repeat twice only, there is no time for more than that. Look for improvement in your self regarding the exam.


1. Don't join IAS without knowing that IAServant is only for policy implementing and not for policy creating.

2. Don't join institutes for coaching, it's a waste of time and money, join institutes only for the mock tests.

3. Don't waste time on anything else but have many keen resourceful friends who are preparing for IAS.

4. Don't read newspapers so much, do the standard theoretical parts first, and then the dynamic updates last.

5. Don't think that IAS is too tough, it is pretty much attainable provided the commensurate effort.

Remember, an IAS officer is only a glorified servant of the honorable ministers. You are the secretary, not the director. But there is much glory to this job as you get to be in touch with the top circles.

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