Lokpal: Good or Bad?

India should have a strong lokpal, but such a powerful instrument should not take the power straight from the hands of the corrupt politicians to the hands of the corrupt common masses, that will surely cause the re-partition of the country, imagine a coordinate system without an origin. It is truly sad that we have many corrupt politicians, but it is also true that the common man's irresponsibility en masse can be very lethal too, history proves this point. Nevertheless, If democratic Indians want it and can take it, then they take it.

Once the powerful and large Jan Lokpal committee department is instituted by Law to check the corruption in the high offices of India, now which new bill would we Indians need, to institute another more powerful department to check the corruption within the highly member-ed Jan-Lokpal department?

With responsibility comes great power, and with more power comes more responsibility. Are the Indians ready?

Lok pal bill idea comes from the ombudsman instrument of Scandinavian countries, and corruption is pretty less in those countries. But Rape of women is still very high in the Scandinavian countries.

Lok pal will never eliminate corruption but if this instrument is instituted properly, it is sure to provide the people with the capacity to eliminate certain types of corruption that are prevalent today. Something similar to the RTI Act.

But the catch is that the Lok Pal instrument should not destabilize the country's economy. E.g. The moment the highly and internationally respected Manmohan Singh is branded as a corrupt human being, then the economy of the country gets destabilized. Brand India should always strive to have a very stable and responsible character to it so that all business trade and investment finds less obstacles.

As to remove the current deadlock, there is a necessity for striking a balance. Seems the current government have lost their grip on how to handle the situation.


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  1. Having a strong economy is what is most important. US or China too have lots of corruption in spite of everything.

  2. Jan lokpal bill will definitly work as a panacea to some extent..but on the other hand we by ourself hav to stop bribing the government officials only then it can work as a effective bill..

  3. Why are we worried about our economy taking a beating... are we not confident about the sanctity of OUR CHOSEN Prime Minister?

  4. When the economy suffers in India, millions of people in India suffer, maybe not you, many farmers commit suicide, street dwellers remain without enough money to buy clothing and die in the cold winds, and sweet baba charity never helps. Only a strong economy does.

    Well the case of battering the economy also applies to all the future governments and all those future economies, if I may use that word.

    Remember how corrupt our common people can be! And besides, Manmohan Singh as well as Sonia Gandhi are both puppets to the inner corrupt congress senate members. Which party is not corrupt?

    Manmohan Singh has seen much, he is an economic revolution in him self, no idiot can take that from his resume, otherwise we would still be driving fiat padmini. But yes he has failed to tackle corruption, and in that sense surely he has no sanctity.

    Cheers on.

  5. "The moment the highly and internationally respected Manmohan Singh is branded as a corrupt human being, then the economy of the country gets destabilized."
    Such writings make the name of the blog appear correct- You are and will always remain zero.All politicians have overall a negative effect on Indian growth.It is the hard work of some private entrepreneurs who have made India what it is today. Manmohan and party proudly show themselves as great liberators. How many people know that there was no option left for him to take as country was on verge of collapse due to mounting debts.This is proven as in last 8 years of his rule he has shown no inclination to further liberate the economy.

    Just do a basic search on google for circumstances in which manmohan and party has to liberate the country from insane government controls.

  6. This blog is zero but not in the negative like you. Go ride your fiat padmini.

    And google and internet based articles can be written by any zero like this blog, it is for you to make any reality of it, we don't care for your false assumptions.

    And you neurotic saying that all politicians have a negative growth is just another second hand goods statement that you must have got from someone else or from the populists.

    A country needs politicians. Any organization needs leaders. The man who makes the policy is the politician.

    Manmohan Singh has failed to tackle corruption, this we agree. But you seem not to understand the specific point that we are talking about with regards to the giving power to the corrupt masses, must be because of the schizoprenic neurotic cage that you live in.

    It is certain corrupt indian people like you that elect corrupt leaders.

    This lokpal bill idea or even the RTI ideas never even came from you, it is from the western countries, that is all. That is how corrupt and negative you can be.

    Zero is an invention of India. Don't disrespect India, you idiot.

  7. And top class entrepreneur and highly admired and respected Narayana Murthy praised Manmohan Singh for his work for the development of the nation. You did not!

    And further liberating the economy would make India more susceptible to the external crises. The solution to the problem of high corruption is not with Manmohan Singh, it is with the youth of India to find for themselves by themselves.

    We are here to appreciate solid national heroes like MS Swaminathan, Verghese Kurien, Manmohan Singh, Narayana Murthy, Vivesvarya, Satish Dhawan and many such intellectual and functional heroes..you can't touch that, idiot.

  8. @Anonymous

    I don't appreciate you insulting tone, please don't come and comment here to insult this blog, get lost and stay lost.

  9. I think according to this lokpal bill corruption prevails in government sector..... but wat about private sector???? wat about to private emloyee who is indulge in corruption.?? and most important ques.. who is going to head this lokpal bill?? the names of leaders who is going to head dis bill are they free from corruption??????

  10. Two great points you have made there.

    1. Corruption in the private sector
    2. Corruption within the lokpal committee members.

    Very thought provoking....

  11. corruption is problem it has to be tackled but taking it to street do not solve problem, by that civil society is paving way to anarchy, it has to be resolved thru negotiation process.only my bill prevail is killing democracy is it imposition of some people view. we are living in democratic country. if civil society has to impose their view thsy have to take referundum not of few thousands andtell that it is nation voice.i am perturbed at whole process that is being followed.civil society is helping forces to destabilise india,both side can seat and resolve differences now it is more of mob francy which is takingover issue. the problem is deep and has to takled in democratic way. let us not kill our democracy and right of everybody tto express their view and if it is done by force than what is use of election why waste money let some people with certain motive take over country

  12. Is Parliamentary democracy the only form of democracy? Did the people of India choose this form of democracy? If the Jan Lokpal bill cuts through the heart of democracy as practiced in India, so be it. If this is what we want, and if all the people who are supporting Anna Hazare is in any way a representation of what a huge populace of India wants, then may be it is time to take a second look at our half-assed constitution, written by lawers and politicians and not by thinkers and visionaries... We did win our freedom from the British only to find ourselves enchained in a worse form of rulership.

  13. I agree with both of you. Being healthy spectators, let's see how things turn out. And yes, suppose something is forced into the constitution, we can always take it out with a counter revolution.

    It is true that the anna haare lokpal terms are clear signs of silly overeaction but on the other hand we should all agree that seeing so many youngsters together rallying against corruption is always a wonderful sight.

  14. it is very good and support by me

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