Jan Lokpal Anna Hazare Slogans Jokes Funny

Jan Lokpal bill Slogans

(Some are just for fun)

by Pulse Censor


Lal, Bal, Pal and now Lokpal

in the second freedom struggle


Jan Lokpal 


enemy of the people



One Hazare


every hazard...

...One Lok-way


a real Azad...

Hazare jahan se achcha

Hindustan hamara...




we want NO more!!!!


One Hazare

keeps the

disarray away...

...One lokpal from today

keeps the corrupt jokers away.


We shall overcome...

we shall overcome...

we shall overcome...

oh haaazaaaaray

Oh deep in my heart

I do believe

we shall overcome hazare.


RTI, LokPal and I

everyone's pal

Engine for the people



Corrupt Neta bandh

only on Lokpal strength


Seven ate Nine

Lokpal fate Fine


Rule Number one:

Lokpal bill must be won


No Jokepal!

Only Lokpal!


All that we are saaaaaaaaaaay........ying
is give us our chance  x3
for a corruption free India

Haraay India Harraaay India


No more scam


traffic jam!


Baba Ramdevi maha mantra:

"Oh scream ice cream lokpal jaihai 

hazare ramdevi namahaaa!!"

(say 1001 times with Kabalmasti)

Sure cure from any kind of corruption aids pox inside,

and don't forget to find the donation aid box outside.

Sri Sri Rabbi Sinker lokriya:

finally stops* calling himself Sri Sri and shouts

"Sri Sri Lokpal bill ki jai"

"Breath lokpal bill in 


Breath corruption out."

*Conditions apply: 500 Rupees charge for three day basic course workshop subject to guru market risk

India should have a strong lokpal, but such a powerful instrument should not take the power straight from the hands of the corrupt politicians to the hands of the corrupt common masses, that will surely cause the re-partition of the country, imagine a coordinate system without an origin. It is truly sad that we have many corrupt politicians, but it is also true that the common man's irresponsibility en masse can be very lethal too, history proves this point. Nevertheless, If democratic Indians want it and can take it, then they take it.

Contact Anna Hazare:

Phone 91 - 02488 - 240401, 91 - 02488 - 240581

Email: info@annahazare.org, annahazare1@gmail.com, bvjralegan@gmail.com, bvjlokpal@gmail.com

Website: http://www.annahazare.org

Blog: http://annajihazare.blogspot.com

Biography: Click here to read his biography

If Sonia Gandhi or Manmohan Singh also starts fasting for the stability of the Indian government and for the country to settle down and further if they deport Anna Hazare to a 5 star hotel facility like the Taj instead of Tihar. Things would be different.

One of the ways to come out of this deadlock is to design a very good lokpal that allows the government to be stable as well as the people to be responsible.


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