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To me, U. G. Krishnamurti is one of my greatest friends that I will never get to meet. After reading his books and watching his videos over and over again, I found him to be a very rare person, not because of his so-called enigmatic personality nor for his fiery dashing statements but merely because of the high level crystal consistent honesty that he exuberated in his simple observations. Such level of honesty I have not found! In fact, while questioning the teachings and techniques of all the world prophets and teachers, it was easy to find huge black errors, but the observations that came from this man I tried so hard to break but couldn't break. And I am sure they were more people like him in our history, but these people don't market for fame, so they are forgotten, yet in this internet age, it feels more than appropriate that UG should have my say.

I think, he was a man who was very sincere in his spiritual life mission that ironically it was due to his sincerity to his mission that he was able to find great certainity by himself for himself that his spiritual mission was a farce, in that he had been duped by all the so-called saviours of mankind who propel us to go on such missions to achieve the all-time great goal of enlightenment.

And once he realized this, he lived on to be the kind of natural man who saw himself to be very much an equal to any other animal or plant or germ on the face of this planet, he had no airs of spiritual superiority of any sort for there was no such thing as spiritual plane anymore and he had absolutely no intentions to exploit the masses in any way to get mass undeserved money and fame. For this, he deserves much of my admiration, in fact I admire myself just for being a person who admires this this sage man for his honest intelligence.

And yes, he was a man who never ever wanted to project himself as a model man for the planet, he was against all life models and against all kinds of investment into all the unattainable romantic ideologies set before man. For this assertion of his, I found him to be the sage of his age, the greatest teacher of his century for his genre. My good wishes goes to all his near and dear.

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Mini Biography

He was born in 1918 in Andhra Pradesh, India. His mother died shortly after he was born. His father was very close with the Theosophical society. UG was brought up in a typical brahmin setting, where he was taught hard to become another shankarachrya-like person. In the process he met many renowned so called saints like Sivananda and Ramana. But UG was disgusted by their unblinking arrogance. He studied physics, and did his masters in psychology but he walked out of the final exams. He joined and worked for the Theosophical society and went on giving international lectures. At the age of 25, he got married. He went to the US for his eldest son's polio treatment. Later in life, he ended up in London and then he was broke when he reached Switzerland, but everywhere he went his mission was to become like buddha. And at some strange moment, he asked himself, "how will I know that I am in that state". When that dawned on him, there were some bizarre physiological changes to his body. He calls this transformation period as the calamity. Post-calamity, he declared that he has no message to give to the world and that he was free from all the man-made solutions that has plagued the natural functioning of the human being. UG died in 2007.

Old man here

Douglas Rosestone - May 10, 2007

.....What UG has said is best understood as a critique of the sad state of affairs the human race has fallen into, rather than an addition to the spiritual literature. That having been said, he clearly was a great Sage, which is the highest expression of our human potential. He remains by far the finest example of a human being that I have ever meet or heard of in our era....In all the fourty years I knew him, I never saw the slightest fault in his integrity. His loyalty to his friends was off the charts. He could have had a large organization, and chose instead to leave nothing behind. He never made a dime from the books people published based upon what he said......

Charles Antoni

.....I recall the feeling I had several years ago when spending some time with him, that he would put into practice his thoughts about this subject when he told me: “If I would get ill, I would sleep like a dog near a tree, I would moan and then, ciao, I would let me go without protesting loudly. U.G. was at the same time the most simple and the most amazing person I was given the chance to meet. The key of his life could perhaps be summed up in the following phrase: ‘In the middle of the thorns….I walk.’.....

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1. Thought is your enemy    

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3. Mind is a myth           

4. Natural state            

5. Courage to Stand Alone   

6. The Courage to Stand Alone

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8. No way out

9. The Mystique of Enlightenment

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Selected Quotes

1. "A true teacher is one who tells you to throw away all the crutches that we've been made to believe are essential for our survival. "Throw them away, don't replace them with the fancy or even computerized crutches. You can walk; and if you fall, you'll rise and walk again." You have to find the answers, if any, for yourselves and by yourselves."

2. "The organism is not interested in utopias. It isn't interested in wonderful ideas. It isn't interested in peace, bliss, beatitude, or anything. Its only interest is to survive. That's all it's interested in. The survival of a cell depends upon the survival of the cell next to it. And your survival and my survival depend upon the survival of our neighbour."

3. "The feeling, 'That man in whom I've placed my confidence and belief can't con himself and con everyone else', comes in the way of throwing the whole thing out of the window, down the drain. The only problem is in discovering the inadequacy or uselessness of the solutions that've been offered, which never deliver the goods and never will."

4. "Accepting the limitations is intelligence. You are trying to free yourself from these natural limitations and that is the cause of your sorrow and pain. Your actions are such that one action limits the next action. Your action at this moment is limiting the next action. This action is a reaction. the question of freedom of action does not even arise."

5. "You never change, only think about changing. As long as you want to change for some reason so long will you insist upon changing the whole world. You want a different world so that you can be happy in it. That is your only interest. You can concern for mankind --but it is all bullshit. If anything has to happen it has to happen here and now."

Selected Criticism on certain things

1. On god: "To me the question of God is irrelevant and immaterial."

2. On Enlightenment: "Enlightenment (if there is any such thing as enlightenment) is not an experience at all. So, this dawns on you – this realization (if you want to put it that way) that there is nothing to realize. Self-knowledge or self-realization is to realize for yourself and by yourself that there is no self to realize. That is going to be a shattering blow."'

3. On death: "There is no such thing as death. What you have are ideas about death, ideas which arise when you sense the absence of another person. Your own death, or the death of your near and dear ones, is not something you can experience. What you actually experience is the void created by the disappearance of another individual and the unsatisfied demand to maintain the continuity of your relationship with that person for a non-existent eternity."

4. On sex: "Sex is only for reproduction, but you have turned that into a pleasure movement. What else is sex for than reproduction?"

5. On fear: "That is terrifying – the fear of losing what you know. So actually, you don't want to be free from fear. You do not want the fear to come to an end. All that you are doing – all the therapies and techniques that you are using to free yourself from fear, for whatever reason you want to be free from fear – is the thing that is maintaining the fear and giving continuity to it. So you do not want the fear to come to an end. If the fear comes to an end, the fear of what you know comes to an end. You will physically drop dead. Clinical death will take place."

Selected Videos

1. A Unique early talk

2. A conversation with friends

3. Excerpts from a DVD made from on his videos

4. Documentary promotional reel

5. UG behaving very angrily and very bitter in the later stages of his life to all the stupid questions thrown at him. He calls himself as a dog barking against the brutal stones thrown at him.

Selected Audio

1. Give up.mp3

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Selected Photographs
....a real McCoy....

The man had nothing to give, only to take away.

What an expression of life.

Bye UG...

        You warned me of many monsters.

.......yet you can only remain a memory within memory.....
........there is no coming back...........

there is no UG


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  1. I am completely agree with what you stated in para's before UG's mini biography. You have put my feelings exactly in more sober words.
    I have been reading and watching him since more than 2 years. At first instance I hadn't listened him seriously... but when I did it was just a mighty blow for me. It was good to come across such a brute.. I say him brute because he has destroyed everything I always craved in my innermost core.. and he left no hopes..! Still he is such a charming fellow that I again and again turn to him and get more and more disappointed.

  2. And he was so consistent about destroying all those unattainable romantic ideas, giving no chances for any of them. I see great professionalism in that. Glad to know that anyone recognizes this man.

  3. for me ug krishnamurti is "jnana yogi" fierce intellect profound deep thinker static state of liberation living vedanta he destroyed everything from hate to love from misery to happiness


  5. As far as life is concerned "You are a squatter".What a statement!Shattering all the ideas we have accumulated.

  6. just like his expression, his honesty,
    and bashing religions and spiritual make his charm


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