Shri M S Swaminathan MSSR Foundation: Biography

It is time that the Indian Government conferred the Bharat Ratna upon Shri M S Swaminathan. Would it not be great for the youngsters of this age to reminisce and appreciate this man's career? And yes to admire his relentless drive for the responsible application of technology in the development of world agriculture.

Biography in pictures

M S Swaminathan, 1944

Born on August 7, 1925 to Mokombu Krishna Sambasivan and Parvathi Thangammal in Kumbakounam, Tamil Naidu, B.Sc in Biology, 1944, B.Sc in Agriculture, 1947, After his degree he went to Delhi to join PUSA, on entering Delhi, it was the 1947 Partition time, he gets to see lots of dead bodies on the road massacred. And this man promised himself that he would never bow his head down to any kind of religious fanaticism.In 1949, he was selected for the IPS Civil Service, but he rejects it and goes abroad for his UNESCO fellowship. Later, he took his Ph.D in agriculture from Cambridge, 1952.

Married Mina Boothalingam, 1955 

He met her at Cambridge.

(they have three daughters)

Research work in agriculture 

at Indian Agriculture Research Institute, 1960

Working hard in the lab

Working hard on the land

It is a "lab to land" + "land to lab" programme.

With Norman Borlaug, IARI, 1964, Borlaug is like one of the greatest scientists the world must say thank you to.

Indira Gandhi discussing with the farmers, 1968, MS Swaminathan behind the scenes.His works pioneers the Green Revolution that takes India out of the 1965 Dinner-less days, yes we were in severe famine, a ship to mouth was called for, and so he introduced and propagated the concept of "technicracy" (Literacy in Technology).

Receives World Food Prize recognition, 1987, using this Prize money he started the MSSR Foundation, 1988 

to fulfill a dream he had in his mind thanks to C.V. Raman.

MSS receives the Padma Vibhushan from the President Sri R. Venkatraman, 1989, the Second highest award for service to the country.

A good wife who supported him so well all throughout, at Tokyo to receive another award, 1992. And he keeps working with the vision of a hunger-free world with nutrition for all and he ever-calls for the ever-green revolution. We Indians all ought to thank our "Father of the Indian Green Revolution".

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