How to claim your site on Alexa rankings - For Bloggers at

How to claim your site on Alexa rankings

For Bloggers at

Ten easy steps with illustrated instructions

1. Go to, then after registration, click on Site Tools.

2. Look for the Claim your site option.

3. In the text box given, enter your website address/URL.

4. In the new window look for the second option given, copy the line containing the meta tag code used for "Verify my ID". Keep this window. And go to your blog now.

5. Go to your blog design settings and click on Design.

6. Then in the bar below, click Edit HTML.

7. Inside the Edit Template window codes, search and find the term < head > and just below this term as shown in the image below, paste the meta tag code that you copied from the alexa website.

8. After pasting the code, click on the button SAVE TEMPLATE.

9. Once the template has been updated, then go back to the alexa page, and click on Verify my ID.

10. Your website shall be verified by Alexa. You can now access the Site info button to know your site rankings. Note: Alexa will need some time to collect information about your site before it gives you a rank. 


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