the Neha of Sneha

This is a poem written for my friend Neha on her birthday.

the Neha of Sneha

the phone is still on with "Neha connecting..."
...User busy dot dot dot...
Girl on the move...
survival the name, Neha the game

the ancient law proclaims the name
Neha means a rain of love
The Neha of Sneha
a measure of the primordial love

healing tears for the nerves
By the law of al-Kanoon
Neha, where are you
are you on the move?

it's your birth night tonight
Will I be the last to wish you?
I carry forward a poem
with the feeling of love in you

did any long awaited poem ever happen to you?
Let it all out, whether wrong or right
I am ever ready to pounce on you dot dot dot
in every every fight

every star in the sky is a bhaiyya brother
Twinkling for you
The sun in its sky projects a cartoon movie of you
ah, this live screen laughing of you

this movie I did enjoy to be a Sifar so far...
But were you really that supporting actress
In that costume of butterfly n' petal
of sweethearts red and blue

when a honeybee calls
Never forget to cut his buzzing call
With an unknown good reason
he remains yours ever expendable to fall

the wise are sometimes otherwise...
Yet you do really look forward to
Being the flowering-self
already in you...


On her birthday For her birthday By her birthday


  1. Supporting actress !??!!! :P

  2. Supporting actress is the one that supports the Main actress of the movie. I thought we all knew that. we can refer to the Academy Awards lexicon.

  3. i just wanted to say !!??! :p "so funny"

  4. Why is it so funny to you? I wish to know.

  5. oh c'mon, just like dat you being Sifar in d movie n all ur supporting actresses... dont take it so seriously. Ok I m sorry i shudn't hav started dissecting d poem wid explanations of !!?!!.. leave dat, its for someone u wrote, hope she likes it.
    y did i do it? i wil go bang my head in d prev. post, u take care

  6. Are you taking my seriousness so seriously? In this arbitrary anonymous world, where every one is an actor of his or her own movie, make it a good lovely one.


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