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It was on April 5th 2003 in The New Indian Express Paper, that my name came in the Indian papers for the first time. I had sent an e-mail to the editor. And the editor surprisingly published it in a special corner.

Yeah I got the Photo scanner working after ages, you can see the name Anel C.S. And now when I scan through the years gone, I see how many nothings I have done. People have protested, people have yelled, but the war still goes on, and we moved on.

Today I am leaving for Delhi. Anup tells me that it is still very hot there. But I got to hunt for some part time jobs to pay the rent and food bills. And my war against ill health and ill wealth goes on. Shouting and yelling does not help. They are stronger than you, why should they listen to you! When it is they who have a  stronger air force, navy and army.

Clockwise from top left: Marines in the middle of a sand storm make their way back to their vehicles in Farah province; two F/A-18s conduct combat missions over Afghanistan; a fire mission on Combat Outpost Zurok in Paktika province; Marines prepare to board buses shortly after arriving in Afghanistan; troops search an Afghan house for explosives and weapons during an air assault mission in Khost province.

Clockwise: starting at top left: a joint patrol in Samarra; the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue in Firdos Square; an Iraqi Army soldier readies his rifle during an assault; an IED detonates in South Baghdad.

The idea of Stopping war never actualizes. War can never be truly stopped. Peace can never be truly established. Rather they are one. The real question is how do we transcend both war and peace into nothing. I was a fool to think that it is possible to stop war and bring peace. Both war and peace rise from the same inherent source. Two sides of the same coin. Let me explain with an lucid analogy. When I am admiring a person, it means that I had studied him and then spotted some good things in him and so the admiration. And when I am criticizing a person, it means that I had studied him and then spotted some bad things in him and so the criticism. So whether I am admiring or criticizing a person, the process of "studying him" always has to occur. And while studying him, to say that this one particular thing is good in a person means that others things in him are not that good. E.g. After eating two cakes in a Bakery, if I say in admiration that this Vanilla cake here is the most tasty and that Chocolate cake over there looks the most attractive. These admiration statements are criticism statements too, because those statements may also imply that the Vanilla cake is not as good looking as the Chocolate cake and that the Chocolate Cake is not as tasty as the Vanilla cake. So admiration and criticism is always there. The moment we admire one thing, it means we have criticized another. The moment we say that a given country is the most beautiful country in admiration, that's also a statement of criticism as it means that all other countries are not as beautiful. So to admire one thing, means to criticize another.

Another example, that has irked me so much is the Miss World Fashion Contests, I wonder how and on what scales do those judges measure the beauty of women. All of them are beautiful. How do they choose! Choosing one woman out of them all as the most beautiful, is like saying that all other women are lesser compared to her. Those judges make one contestant woman happy at the cost of making all other women really sad. Admiration and criticism always goes together. One lady gets to see the good admiration face of the coin and the other ladies get to see the bad criticism face of the same coin.

Same is the case with war and peace. The moment I declare that I am at enemy-stance with one given country in the world, it means that I am at peace with the other countries. And the moment I declare a particular country as an ally, it means that I am not as much a friend of another. The actual reality is that war and peace exist together everywhere all the time. To explain the above points. When the US government declared the government of Afghanistan as an enemy, US govt got allies to support it. The moment Pakistan and China govts declare that they are allies, India starts getting worried.

So to get rid of "pseudo-war", we also got to get rid of "pseudo-peace", by this I mean we have to get rid of the whole coin. The very pseudo-Coin of two faces needs to be thrown away. To get rid of pseudo-war, we must get rid of pseudo-peace too. The coin must be thrown away, then what remains is a state of no-war and no-peace. Now this a very acausal thing to do as we keep going deeper into it. Because on this need, then there is again two new states created. The states of "coin thrown away" and "coin not thrown away". Again this is another subtle coin which needs to be thrown away. But even then we can always prepare new ground as it comes.

So now I might have confused you, you might ask "how can there be a state of no-war and at the same time the state of no-peace?" Anel has gone crazy bolts, is it? No, you can't call me a crazy bolt. Let me explain.

When a mother gives birth to her child, a new born baby, she will look at her child, she thinks about the child's health, she does not bother whether the child is beautiful or whether the child is ugly. These things don't matter to that mother. The mother just loves her child, the question of beauty never comes in her mind. She never becomes a beauty contest judge there. She is in utmost happiness whatever be the looks-condition of the child. This is the condition of no-war and no-peace. If all countries can treat each other in this state, then our Garden earth is an Eden earth.

So where should all the judging start with respect to countries. The criteria is health of a country. Health is a functional parameter whereas Beauty is a just an imagination based parameter. Any war as well as peace that comes from an imagination based parameter will lead to instability and a stupid war breaks out sooner or later. But any activity that works on a functional parameter will always lead to stability and health is achieved by it. How many of us think about the Millennium development goals due for 2015? Any update in the papers? Anything in the news?

So our job is to get rid of all the imagination based parameters and to work on the functional based parameters. Imagination based parameters has only made us suffer. Instead of taste of wine, we are to focus on nutrition of available food. Instead of attractiveness of money, we are to focus on integrity of money. Instead of the imagined happiness in World cup 2010, we are to be interested in the functional usefulness of the World cup 2010.

Instead of imagined peace, we are to focus on functional health.

To explain the last statement let me give you an example. Suppose there is this really good Chinese guy called Jave, and he lives his life with integrity and pure vision, he is happy and has helped many and is a source of happiness to many, suddenly some guy called Bob comes along with his imagination based peace talks based on the teachings of a Messiah called Jesurama, and tells him, "hey buddy Jave, are you saved? Do you go to churchagogue? I have never seen you going there. Messiah Jesurama is the only way to God, you will burn in hell if you don't say the prayers of Jesusrama". Then Jave who already has the functional based peace of Jesurama's teachings deep inside him explains to him that "hey I don't know your Jesurama, but I am a good guy doing good things for everyone, what's your problem!" Then Bob replies, "no, no, no, you must accept Jesurama, otherwise you are doomed, you are doing great sin." Out of nowhere Jave has now been assumed to be a great great sinner heading for hell who needs to be redeemed big time. The argument goes on and on, the hidden Jesurama peaceful situation of Jave ends up becoming a war-like situation. But Bob honestly thinks that he was trying to help Jave to save Jave's soul out of deep love for him using imagined peace talks.

Bob does not see the peace that is already there in Jave, he does not care about that, he just assumes that Jave's peace and good deeds are useless, that the real peace is in heaven and that the earth is for suffering and praying with eyes closed wide shut, and that we will get our heaven for this after death if we accept Jesurama's teachings. Bob forgets that it is the good deeds alone that is going to bring peace here on earth, then we can think of heaven, what do we know of heaven.

In actuality, Bob had no proper understanding of the teachings of Messiah Jesurama, he just accepts Jesurama's teachings blindly and expects everybody in the world to have the greatest virtue of faith in the teachings of the Messiah.

Now since he is blindly accepting his Jesurama's teachings without understanding, he really does not know his Jesurama's teachings truly, he just knows the surface, and so he is has no idea of really identifying who is and who is not a true follower of Jesurama's teachings. All he knows is the surface teachings. All he can do is to identify a follower at the surface level.

And so instead of spreading "Jesurama's essence", he ends up spreading "the Jesurama's surface". And he assumes that all those who don't have the surface-looks are sinners bound for hell. He does everything to persuade Jave to be an accepter of Jesuram's teachings just like him. Actually Jave was already rich with the essence of Jesurama's teachings inside him by nature. But Bob cannot recognise that in him, since he is always blind to the inner essence of the teachings and just looks at the surface.

You cannot see a real-Chinese man in a crowd, if you don't know how a real-Chinese man looks like in the first place. Bob does not know what a real-Chinese man looks like, but he just "assumes" that all the people in the crowd who don't look similar to him and his family are to be seen as non-Chinese, and so he asks Jave to do a plastic surgery. Jave says, "why? Why should I? I am already Chinese buddy".

Looking at world history, we find that for some reason, a white man imagines that he is superior to the black man. For some reason a strong man thinks that he is divinely superior to a weak man. For some reason a person calls himself a superior born and the other person an inferior. This has been going on in this world for ages in different ways. All wars arise due to these imagination-based judgments.

And the fault goes to both Jave as well as Bob. Jave must help Bob understand Jesurama's teachings and not abuse him and run away. And Bob must open his heart and trust his teacher Jesurama alone and not some other preachers as intermediaries.

So in this story above, you can see the analogy of the coin. Bob blindly admires Jesurama. And Bob admires himself and his family for being admirers of Jesurama. This blind admiration of Jesurama is equal to a blind criticism of all Other people who are not aware of Jesurama in surface. And so Jave's job is to help Bob stop his blind-admiration and to start admiring Jesurama with hearts open and not blindly. By doing that, then Bob realizes what Jave always was. And Bob gets to really become a follower of Jesurama and a true missionary. So like this the blind admiration coin face and blind criticism coin face is thrown away.

Now suppose if Jave thought of himself to be a great guy for no good reason, then his blind self-admiration is a blind criticism to all others who are not like him. And that's when Bob comes along with Jesurama's teachings, Jave's heart is closed down away from further development, he might have benefited a lot even from the surface teachings of Jesurama. But instead he fights with Bob and exterminates him. This is the case of US govts and the Taliban or Al-Qaeda. US calls itself the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" in its national anthem, as if all other countries are not Lands of the Free and Homes of the Brave. Whereas the Taliban who were to be protected by their all powerful ideas of Religion got themselves victimized and plundered by the US govts with the whole world watching.

Both war and peace intentions are based on imaginations/illusions, the more you blindly think that they are based on real, the more prolonged is the sufferings and war. The state of non-duality is the true state of being, a state that was already there. There is no need of war and peace for any functional thing. A mother cares for the health of the child. A mother does not care whether the child is surface beautiful or ugly.

So our job is to stop the blind admiration that USA has for itself, and what the Taliban has for its own lofty ideals. May we help them open their hearts to the beautiful essence-filled teachings of the Messiah.

For the truth to prevail, the policies that the US govts and the Taliban take up must be corrected in accordance to their own Holy Constitutional Books. Physical war was never called for in this age of communication and quick transportation.

A flower bud can't be opened by pointing a gun or by terrorizing it. A flower can open only when the functional nutrients to the its and leaves are in adequate, only then maybe, or just now maybe, that flower would open naturally to the worker honey-bee.

"A helping hand is the only praying lip."

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