Squishing Che

“In fact, if Christ himself stood in my way, I, like Nietzsche, would not hesitate to squish him like a worm.”
- Ernesto 'Che' Guevara

“In fact, if 'Che' Guevara himself stood in my way, I, like No one else, would not hesitate to talk sense into his heart, if that does not help, I would destabilize him and put him under therapy, if that is not possible then yeah, squishing him like a worm will have to do.”

- Sifar Anel

Not many men can be called as men today, a man 'Che' was, he set a great example for a lover but South America is still as shackled as I am.


  1. I like the last statement, though I do not subscribe to the point of view of 'squishing him'. He was a man. To say what he said while his death loomed over him.... [don't have words]. And "EXPLAIN (YOUR STATEMENT)"

  2. Well to understand Che, we need to understand his language...

    In his last line:
    "Shoot coward you are only shooting a man."
    I understand that Che was saying that you can only shoot the body but not the spirit of a revolutionary.

    Che was a great man indeed.

    My idea of "squishing him" was based on the earlier quote of his that he says about "Squishing Jesus".

    To me Jesus was a revolutionary just like Che, they both stood against the prevailing evils, they both helped the poor, both had some much love in them.

    But Che wants to squish Jesus, what he means to say is that, he wants to squish the idol of Jesus.

    The problem rose because, many people have made "Jesus" into a business trademark enterprise and into a wish-basket God. People are "using" the name of Jesus for their own vested and distorted agendas. "Jesus" became an idol icon.

    Che wanted to tell the people that even if this Jesus trying to come in Che's way, Che would squish Jesus. Che was trying to break the idolization of Jesus by saying that he could squish Jesus. He was trying to make that Jesus God into Jesus man. Che was trying to make people free from the opium of pseudo-religion.

    Now today, Che has become an icon idol for many people, and I want to squish this "Che" to free people from idolizing Che.

    When we idolize anyone, we begin to imitate, we don't have any creativity. Similarly many people idolize Mohammed, those people lose their creativity, they lose their touch with reality, they end up creating so many miscalculations and distortions, hence the poor condition in S.America and Che idolizing regions.

    No revolutionary should be idolized, we should understand them, and try to do the similar that they did in our own way.

    So in the language of Che....

    What Che did to Jesus, I did similar to Che.

    Inner essence is the same.

    That is my explanation, what say?

  3. The relevance of most of Che's ideals are lost.
    Unfortunately, lots of things people said he said in his life, were not actually said by him.

    But he was a great young blood.

  4. Yes Durga, when we idolize people then naturally we start making all kinds of fictional stories and quotes attributed to them.
    The important thing is that it should still make sense at least.

    I wish to know about the false quotes put under his name.


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