Healing is both in your eyes as well as in mine. I have been spending the days in my room, it's called the baby room, with a balcony attached, and well, everyday is an adventure thanks to the books I'm still reading, the night sleep dreams I am still dreaming and the thoughts that I'm still thinking. Yeah, it's that brilliant for me. And as I progress, I am beginning to admire the little Anel that I was when I was much younger and child like.

As we grow up, we get to witness the suffering in life, there is indeed suffering in the things that I see within and without. And I define the my word of "RELIGION" as nothing but the solution to solving these pains. And, what can I say? There are pain killers available in the market, yeah right! They only treat the symptoms.

Then there are chemicals tablets to fill in, God knows the side effects. Then there is the mental therapy of prayer and worship, God knows what we are really worshiping! Then yeah, there is Occult healing, again in the copyleft name of God, which is also heavily distorted with all kinds of unconscious interferences, even using the word "God", I need to be careful. The distorted Religion that we the people practice today, I find really self-frightening indeed, the kind of healing techniques, the kind of absurd self-assuring reasons, the kind of escapism, all so funny to me. I have to laugh! hahahaha laughter is sweetest when you are laughing for the world that you see through you, your own intimate experience of the world... indeed laughter is a wonder medicine. But there are two kinds of laughter, let me make clear, there is the envy-laugh where a person laughs at another's apparent inferiority which is very common these days and then there is the wonder-laugh of how wonderful this world is.

I wish you all so many wonder-laughs today. Cheers.

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