Get well soon Bono

It tears blood out of my heart  to hear that my Bono had a spinal injury just about a week ago. He underwent an immediate spine surgery on 28th, and now he is on the road to recovery. Get well soon Bono. I need you, people need you, Bono you got to rock man. 

All I can say is that, may your wife Ali be able to take care of you very very well. Yesterday only I was talking about you about how much I need you and while watching one of your videos on youtube, a sadness suddenly crept in. Yes, we are all connected by heart, I know this from all your song lyrics. I wish, I really wish that you were my direct friend. You are one of those good sons on the planet, I know many frustrated-people might laugh at your humanitarian activities and your honest feelings, but I think about your work with so much respect almost everyday. May all your pains heal your body to a higher level. I am a sciatica nerve injury victim myself, and I think that in the process of a spiritual inner transformation there is always a need for a neurological transformation. So Bono, it is a blessing. I see and know that you are going to be much greater by the day.  :)


Bono has now been discharged from Ludwig Maximilians-University (LMU) Hospital in Munich where he underwent emergency surgery on Friday, following a back injury. In order to fully recover, he is under doctor's orders to start a rehabilitation program and to recuperate for at least eight weeks. 

Dr Muller Wohlfahrt confirmed, 'Bono suffered severe compression of the sciatic nerve. On review of his MRI scan, I realized there was a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc, and that conservative treatment would not suffice. I recommended Bono have emergency spine surgery with Professor Tonn at Munich's LMU University Hospital on Friday.'

Professor Tonn, who carried out the operation, added, 'Bono was referred to me by Dr Muller Wohlfahrt late last week with a sudden onset disease. He was already in severe pain with partial paralysis in the lower leg. The ligament surrounding the disc had an 8mm tear and during surgery we discovered fragments of the disc had traveled into the spinal canal. This surgery was the only course of treatment for full recovery and to avoid further paralysis. Bono is now much better, with complete recovery of his motor deficit. The prognosis is excellent but to obtain a sustainable result, he must now enter a period of rehabilitation'.

Dr Muller Wohlfahrt continued, 'We are treating Bono as we would treat any of our athletes and while the surgery has gone very well, the coming weeks are crucial for a return to full health. In the next days, he will start a light rehabilitation program, with increasing intensity over the next 8 weeks. In our experience, this is the minimum time.'


A 25 second video

Bono singing, crying and the crowd one with him.

Here is a must watch tribute video, made by a fellow Bono admirer,

it is one of the most touching tribute videos I will get to see in my life.

Great song for this tribute video,

it is "Run"  by Snow patrol, now the magic of it is that,

at around 03:50 the actual lyrics goes like this

"Slower slower

We don't have time for that, all I want is to find an easier way

To get out of our little heads"

But now in this video it sounds like

"Slower slower

We don't have time for that, Bono wants to find an easier way

To get out of our little heads"

Next Video: Bono on how to end extreme poverty?

This man has already achieved so much in life, he can just sit back and relax, his band has won the maximum number of grammys in world history, he has won a medal of honour from almost every country that he sings for, he has been given so many medals, but they don't satisfy him. He is a lil different from the other rockstars "do-gooders", he takes the extra pressure, balancing the sold-out tours with his humanitarian work, he works extra hard, and he has nice fresh ideas to help people, and he gets solid results, I don't know any other musician in the world history who has written such beautiful song lyrics, he is a genius. 

He has achieved so much, but still he works very hard for others, he irritates the Presidents to give out billions of dollars to help the poor in other parts of the world. Such is the man! No body asked him to do it, he goes for it, there are many I know who laugh at him calling him a mother theresa types, but this rock star ain't into drugs or into porn or into some communal shit, he is a man on a mission with a simple vision, and he will count, he will be noted, these are the people who keep the world ticking and moving ahead, we relax and enjoy thanks to their working hard, but we should n't forget, for by watching such people we learn to take care of our people, of our very own, they give us an idea, a fresh new idea to challenge our own problems.

He is smart! He knows how to push the politicians to do the required things and he knows how to take the credit for it. In this next video, you will see the speech he makes after receiving the Liberty medal from Bush Senior, and if you follow his speech, you will see that he is playing smart. Whether the politicians like him or not, the methods that he uses on them can't keep them from not answering him.

One of those smart hearted men I know!

Here is a slide show made for a prayer by him

for the Presidental prayer breakfast meet.

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