Desert rose

I'm hanging out to dry
with my old clothes
Finger still red with the prick of an old rose
Well the heart that hurts
Is a heart that beats
Can you hear the drummer slowing?
One Step Closer Lyrics by U2

And in the world a heart of darkness, a fire zone 
Where poets speak their heart, then bleed for it 
Jara sang - his song a weapon in the hands of one 
Whose blood still cries from the ground 
It runs like a river runs to the sea 
It runs like a river to the sea
I don't believe in painted roses or bleeding hearts
One Tree Hill lyrics by U2

Desert sky 
Dream beneath the desert sky 
The rivers run, but soon run dry 
We need new dreams tonight
Desert rose 
Dreamed I saw a desert rose 
Dress torn in ribbons and in bows 
Like a siren she calls to me
In God's Country by U2

In a field by a river
my love and I did lie
And on my naked shoulder
she too proud to cry
She said that I must leave her
an icy tear she froze
How could I melt the heart
Of a Wild Irish Rose
Wild Irish Rose lyrics by U2

I haven’t been with a woman, it feels like for years
Thought of you the whole time, your salty tears
This shitty world sometimes produces a rose
The scent of it lingers and then it just goes
Cedars Of Lebanon Lyrics by U2

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