Mother where are you? Am I still not your son?

 Some say, "When the disciple is ready to be guided, the teacher arrives". 

I say, "When the baby is ready to be born, the mother arrives".

The relationship of a teacher with a student is paradoxical, the teacher teaches the disciple so that with every lesson learnt, the teacher becomes less of a teacher, the disciple becomes less of a disciple and the greatest joy for any teacher is to see the disciple rising to a level of even becoming the teacher's teacher.

 Why to wait for the Real teacher!

O Real teacher,

I need you like the poet needs the pain

I need you like the politician needs the gain

I need you like the farmer needs the rain

I need you like the silly street dog needs the lane.

O Real teacher,

I can write you a thousand books of poems

I can compose you a hundred albums of songs

I can travel far and wide breezing out your name

taming our game, blaming my blame.

This temporary fate of your absence

dominates me in silence

to invite you with aggression

unconsciously forcing me

to compell your freedom all over you.

Imagine a young lad who studied hard, gives the exam,
and is satisfied with the attempt,

and he expects a distinction result, 
the exam results announced

it says "Failure", a Zero.

The young lad revolts,
goes to the examiner-teacher and asks for an explanation,
the teacher replies, "ah, God must have decided that you should fail, Amen.",
the lad retorts, "If God can decide that then,
then surely God can also decide that I should win now, Amen.
I am not a failure, I know I wrote that paper well,
I compared it with the those of the Prophets,
and I did well enough, so now give me my marks, do you hear me?
Give me my love, give me the care, I deserve it, lots of it."

The young lad stood their romantic and tall,
waiting for the care and love...

The teacher kept silent and talked to the innerself...
"hmmm this young lad really did well in that paper,
but how can I give any marks now,
look how the lad aggresively demands, no respect for me,
a lesson should be taught,
this should break the young wings well enough,
they broke my wings when I was young,
so now let those little wings too break break.
Ahahahha hahahaha ahahaha evil laugh within."

The young lad stops waiting,
and asked the innerself

"why to wait...?
The real examination of life
was not in the examination hall papers,
the real examination of life
was how to cure the disease,

the disease that has blocked the inner hearts
of the people of the likes of this fake teacher,
and indeed in this regard,

in this real exam to cure

 I was indeed a Zero.
Temporary fate had to make the teacher make me a Zero."

The young lad smiled, laughed, and sang Zero Zero Zero,
thank you Khuda for opening my eyes to a more true education,
thank you for your score, 

a divine score

The young lad touched the feet

of the fake teacher,

the fake parent,

the fake friend,

and bid farewell with a smile,
and he left his fake home

to write his Real teacher a hadith,
his own personal hadith.

Alas, why should I ask Khuda to work for my cause!

instead I should only ask myself to work for Khuda's cause.

Not to follow Khuda to do my work,

but to follow Khuda doing my work.


"A master is a mother, s/he is not a father. With a father you are related only intellectually, with a mother your relation is total. You have been part of your mother, you belong to her totally. The same is the case with a master in the reverse order. You have come out of the mother, you will go into the master. It is a returning back to the source."
- A Bird on the Wing

So dear blog readers, I am back, and I am back with a punch line:

"I dont want to be a Mother Teresa anymore, nor do I wish to be the mother of Mother Teresa anymore, I just want to be the Great Grand Fairy god-mother of Mother Teresa, yeah that would be fine!"

To be a mother, that's what! That's the new journey! No no I am not reverting my gender now. By mother I dont mean in a physical sense, I mean to be a master! A Master in compassion. All these days, I was a fool, I was asking the poor man to clear the debts of the rich man, how is that possible! It's time that we surrender to the provisions of existence. Probably I will have to edit and rewrite the Communist Manifesto, and make it into a Mommunist manifesto. It's time for the mother to take care of her baby and not the other way round.

I know that inside every human being there is a man and a woman. But as I observe today, most men are becoming women-like, and most women are becoming object-like, the very reason for so much homosexuality and prostitution, why to ban them!

There are very very few men and women who are mother-like. Mothers are so few these days in our society. Just so many namesake physical mothers mostly filled with black mail, distortions and expectations, that's all. All prophets were true mothers, all great social reformers were mother-like, and if you ever meet a human being with so much goodness, just know it that there was a great Mother-like figure behind him/her.

Today, it is very very rare to see children respecting their parents, it's very rare to see the parents ever respecting their children, by respect I don't mean "Obey". By "respect" I mean adhering to the truth in a beneficial and agreeable way, I mean without compromising, and here today it's so common to see so many people fooling their dear own.

Some children rebel against their parents totally even if they know deep inside that their parents are partly right, whereas some children obey their parents totally even if they know deep inside that the parents have it partly wrong. Both ways, the children as well as parents are showing great disrepect to each other. It's a great pseudo family freak show, who are these people fooling! Themselves! "Malpractical ain't being practical anymore!" We have fooled ourselves so much that we are no longer aware about how foolish we are.

That's why a Mother master is required, that's why an Amrithanandamayi is required, an enlightened master who sees both the parents as well as the children as Her own children, a mother who does not loan her breast milk to her babies.

We need more REAL mothers in our society, only then can we have REAL children, and a REAL peaceful family to live with.

Mother where are you? Am I still not your son?

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