Thank you, thank you so much

He fights against all the terror in the world.
A real Knight

Thank you, thank you so much

Thank you, thank you so much,
you opened an eye that I never knew,
was my only eye,
you made me into a Knight that I never knew
was my birth-right,
your love was so pure that I never knew
was my cure,
thank you, thank you so much.

O dear Lord, unfathomable Lord,
I bow my head to the core of this earth,
would that ever be enough!
I know you can feel my mortal gratitude,
but when will my gratitude ever reach you!
O dear Lord, unfathomable Lord!

Trying to act like a Knight here...

Look at this circus clown
sitting on that poor white horse,
poor horsey, 
it's tongue almost popping out.
And just look at him, 
a heavy primate 
in a black jacket,
a fake knight 
with a big grin on his face,
when in reality 
he is just suffering so badly 
from a chronic messianic complex.

Somebody please stop him!
and in case you can't,
better to stay away from him! 

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