Some respite

"Rescue me from the mire

whisper words of desire

rescue me - darling rescue me

with your arms open wide

want you here by my side

come to me - darling rescue me

when this world's closing in

there's no need to pretend

set me free - darling rescue me."

Bryan Adams 

I am so happy right now for I just woke up from a decades-long nightmare. And the nightmare was that, being a poet/thinker, the only definition I had for the word "empathy" was that which I got from the English dictionary and not from the dictionary of Life.

But now that's not any more, not any more!

I have finally consciously understood why I have craved so much to be in the soothing arms of an angel, to be felt and to feel. Oh how happy I am to gain one more new-missing ingredient for all my recipes.

It came from my thoughts about a dream, a dream that I had two days back, it happened in the early hours of the dawning, it came to me like an angel, an angel I had met before, an angel that I had left behind, in some forgotten past, a time long gone when I had to decide, to depart at the very moment when I realized that the angel was interested in serving me. I had to leave it, for it was a forbidden angel and not for me. It was not for me. But two days back, in my dream, it came back to me, soothing me and that's when I woke up and felt my body slightly healed.

Some respite

It's been more than a year now, 

I've been enduring these burning little thorns

pressing up my poetic nerve lines 

but this fine morning, 

thanks to a few dreamy movements 

in the arms of a forbidden angel, 

I got some respite. 

A secret. A secret called "empathy". 

And is it not true that

from such powerful a secret sprout more secrets, 

a secret of secrets, 

say "Empathy attracts empathy, empathy breeds empathy".

As a child, empathy was looked for in my mother and sister. 

As a young man, empathy was looked for in a young woman. 

And as a poet empathy was looked for in the scriptural angel. 

I was always looking for that which others were also looking for. 

And so now, it's time for me to die away, 

 for without "empathy" as empathy in me, I am not even zero.

Oh, how I wish 

to surrender to the air

to believe in everywhere

to see this astral nightmare

to feel the causal heir

to serve debonair. 

Anel C. Sarasan

The angel left me, forbidden as it was, for it was not for it to be "out with me" but always to be "in with me". Some blind peers have made alleged that I fell in loves blindly and in return was despised by that sympathetic-damsel from almost every state of my country, but now, not anymore, not anymore. I have nothing more to gain from this temporal world. I have had it enough, to say, enough was enough, to ask, now, what does this world need to gain from me? and then it's for me to understand it! to serve it.

You want commitment take a look into these eyes

they burn with a fire, yeah

until the end of time

I would do anything

I'd beg, I'd steal, I'd die

to have you in these arms tonight

baby I want you like the roses want the rain

you know I need you like a poet needs the pain

I would give anything my blood my love my life

If you were in these arms tonight

I'd hold you, I'd need you

I'd get down on my knees for you

and make everything alright

if you were in these arms

I'd love you, I'd please you

I'd tell you that I'd never leave you

and love you till the end of time

if you were in these arms tonight.

Bon Jovi

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